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Perro Chico Island


(Enjoy San Blas only offers PRIVATE cabins)

  Perro Chico Island
Isla Perro is a community of 10 families that manage the tourism of the place. Most of them left the island at some point to seek their lives and, therefore, on this island they understand a little more the needs of foreigners (allowing, for example, camping for free and bonfires).
This island has some elevated wooden cabins that offer privileged views of the San Blas Panama skyline. During the day, in addition to rest comfortably thanks to the sunbeds, sure you find a rat or train with weights wood and stone handmade by the tribes. They are unique!

As in the other islands you can visit with Enjoy San Blas, Perro Island is a bar-restaurant where you can try typical foods from San Blas. The protagonists are the fried fish, the squid, the chicken and the rice with coconut, accompanied by patacones, salad and beans. Delicious!

Isla Perro is a beautiful island both day and night. It is surrounded by coral and has an extensive reef that links it with its neighbour, Isla Diablo, easily visible from the shore. At night you will love the festive atmosphere, as the beach is animated when visitors illuminate it with their bonfires.

Just 10 meters from the shore, you'll find the ruins of a sunken ship that you can explore swimming and snorkel: if you go early in the morning, certainly see manta rays 3 and 4 meters long hanging around the boat shipwrecked next to some other swordfish. An impressive experience!

Booking process

  • 1 · Select your dates and people from  BOOK NOW tab. You can also use the 'Fast Booking' form to raise a booking quickly.
  • 2 · Select your cabin among the available options.
  • 3 · Send your booking by including all your contact information. Add here your Transport Service if required
  • 4 · We will check availability on the desired Island and cabin. We'll come back in less than 24h to confirm the availability via email or WhatsApp.
  • 5 · We'll prepare the final offer for you. Once accepted and the payment of the booking deposit is done, your booking is confirmed! (Check following 'Payment' section for more information).

The payment is done in two (2) parts:

 1 · BOOKING DEPOSIT payment (online)

  • Online – Using Credit Card via Stripe/PayPal. This payment conforms a percentage of the total amount and is done by means of an online payment platform called Stripe. Once the offer is accepted, the payment link is provided to the customer.
  • The payment of the Deposit must be done, as maximum, 7 days before the Check-In date.

 2 · REMAINING payment (cash)

  • Onsite – In CASH. The remaining amount must be paid to the local Tour Guide once the customer meets him in Puerto de Carti.
  • This payment must be in CASH and using the currency USD ($).

The Customer, if desired, can pay the total amount of the Booking using the online payment via Credit Card or Bank Transfer. This method implies a cost of 5% over the total amount.

Transport Service from Panamá City is also offered by Enjoy San Blas.
This service can be added during the booking of your Stay (Transport Pack).
Customer can book the complete Transport Pack (ground and maritime transport + Daily Enjoy Tour) or choose between other types of transport services.

More information on  TRANSPORT  tab.

We offer Daily Tours for the customers staying in San Blas. In this way, even if you are staying in one island, you will be able to visit some other islands and spots!

Our Daily Tours include:

  • Visit to 2-3 Islands and the Natural Pool. Islands that can be included: Diablo, Perro Chico, Perro Grande, Fragata, Wailidup, Tortuga, Aguja and Pelicano. (Daily Tours itinerary are subject to availability.)
  • Pick-up and drop-off in the island you are staying.
  • Meals and Port taxes included.
  • If you are interested in including Daily Tours to your Stay, just let us know when booking your Stay. Daily Tour prices: around 15-20 USD/person. Depending on the people, nights and dates, we typically apply discounts to our Daily Tours.
  • Remember: you already have one Enjoy Daily Tour if you also book the Transport Pack.

5am - 5.30am. Arrival around 9.30am.
3pm - 3.30pm. Arrival around 7pm.
See Booking Policy page.
The following items are included in the price of your Stay
All meals – (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the booking of any of our Stays. First day breakfast and last day lunch not included.
  • Special menus (vegan, vegetarian, food allergies or intolerances) can be prepared. Bear in mind that food variety on the islands is sometimes limited, so any kind of special menu must be notified 3 days in advance. Menu modifications can be subject to availability.
Support & Planning of the proposal
  • Personalized assessment & Offer
  • Enjoy San Blas will help you during the booking process. A customized offer covering your needs will be created before the final confirmation
  • Several communication channels
  • Via Email, WhatsApp or Mobile phone
  • Contact Us
Island & Port Taxes included
  • Taxes for Island and Port entry are already included in the price of the Stay
Transport Pack (not included, recommended)
  • Ground and boat round trip transport
  • From your hotel in Panama City to the Islands.
  • Free Enjoy Daily Tour
  • To visit the Natural Pool and two more Islands during your stay (among them: Diablo, Perro Chico, Perro Grande, Fragata, Pelicano, Wailidup, Aroma or Iguana islands.)
  • More information on  TRANSPORT  tab.
  What's NOT included
The following items are NOT included in the price of your Stay
  • Guna Yala Community entry Tax (USD 20)
  • The entry tax is directly managed by the Guna community once at the entrance of Carti Port.
  • Drinks (around USD 2)
  • Drinks are offered in the Islands and are not part of the meals included with the Stay.
  • Enjoy San Blas offers a complete transport service (terrestrial and maritime, round trip) from Panamá City to San Blas Islands.

  • In order to provide total flexibility to the customer, the Transport Pack can be added when booking your Stay (price of 95 USD/person). Book your stay from  BOOK NOW tab or from the 'Fast Booking' form.

  • The Transport Pack has a price of 95 USD/person and includes the following:

Ground and maritime ROUND TRIP transport from Panamá City
Ground Transport
  • Transfer by car from your hotel / pick-up point in the Panama City area to Port of Carti.
  • Following locations are excluded from Panamá City area: Tocumen Airport (private transport required, see below), Playa Bonita and Playa Blanca hotels.
  • Pick-up departure from 5 to 5.30 am.
  • Journey of 2h - 2h.30. During the trip to San Blas, we can make a stop in a supermarket to buy everything you consider for the trip.
Maritime Transport
  • Transport by boat from Port of Carti to the Island.
  • During the return journey, we will pick you up from the Island around 3 – 3.30 pm.
  • The check-out from the cabin is around 9.30 in the morning. You can enjoy the last day in the Island or do a Daily Tour until the afternoon. In case you want to come back to Port of Carti during the morning, please let us know in advance.
Enjoy Daily Tour
  • Visit to 2 Islands and the Natural Pool.
  • Among them: Diablo, Perro Chico, Perro Grande, Fragata, Pelicano, Wailidup, Aroma, Iguana.
  Other transport services
Flexible transport
  • Only Maritime transport
  • If you already have a way to reach Puerto de Carti and you only want to hire with us the maritime transport, let us know. In any case, the times stated above are the same. If you choose this option, you must be in Puerto de Carti at 8.30 am (ON TIME). Only 4x4 off-roads cars are allowed to access Guna Yala (Enjoy San Blas is not responsible for any delay or denied access to the Port). This transport service is completely paid in advance.
  • Private Transport
  • Private ground and maritime transport can be offered. Private transport can reach areas outside Panamá City and pick-up hour can be flexible. Please, let us know in case of being interested. This transport service is completely paid in advance.
  • In case of not being interested in the Transport Pack or any of the transport services, we need to know the time of your arrival to organize the check-in in our cabins. Remember that the access to San Blas (Guna Yala) is not 24h.