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Booking Policy

The conditions that our client accepts after booking with Enjoy San Blas Panama are described below. The following conditions apply to both tours and stays in San Blas.

Personal information

For more information about data protection please review Enjoy San Blas Panama’s Privacy Policy.

Initial payment / Guarantee of reservation

The down payment is an administrative expense that is not REIMBURSABLE.

Totality of the payment

The payment is divided into two parts:

    • Initial payment / Guarantee of reserve (10-20% approximately)
    • Remaining payment (approximately 80%)

The customer may pay the initial payment using the following payment methods:

    • Online payment with credit / debit card thru Stripe
    • Online payment by credit / debit card thru/or PayPal
    • Wire transfer

The remaining payment can be pay thru:

    • Online payment by credit / debit card thru/or PayPal
    • Wire transfer
    • Cash when arriving to San Blas

If the customer selects “Pay later with a credit card” as a payment method in the purchase process, a 100% payment link will be sent to them. Of course, if the full payment is made, the reservation is 100% guaranteed.

Below, you can see an sample capture of the different payment methods that Enjoy San Blas offer to its customers during the booking process:


Change requests will be accepted up to 48 hours before starting the tours or stays service.


Cancellation requests notified via email up to 24 hours before starting the tour service or stays will receive full refund of the remaining payment. Otherwise, the penalty will be 100%,

In all cases the down payment or guarantee of reservation will not be refunded.

Cancellation by Enjoy San Blas

Enjoy San Blas can cancel the tour or stay in case of adverse weather conditions that may put in risk the safety of clients


Enjoy San Blas always try to maintain updated the availability of all the cabins but since they are shared accommodations there could be cases with non-updated information in the web calendar that could prevent the accommodation of our customers during specific dates

In that case:

Enjoy San Blas will notify our client immediately

Enjoy San Blas will try to offer you an alternative of similar price and for the dates indicated

If the alternative does not satisfy the customer, the entire initial payment or guarantee will be refunded.


Enjoy San Blas is not responsible for the damages caused during the trip and recommends the hiring of an insurance service for your stay or tour. Shortly we will provide travel insurance so that our customers can centralize the entire trip from Enjoy San Blas.

Any support and advice are at your complete disposal.