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Cayos Tour

“The snorkeling, peace and natural paradise tour”

We will explore the Cayos Holandeses (Dutch Cayes) on Tortuga Island and visit a couple of smaller nearby islands. It is an ideal tour for lovers of snorkeling, as the keys are surrounded by a coral reef that attracts barracudas, cazon sharks (not aggressive), ray fishes, lobsters, turtles, octopuses, etc.

There is a lot of life all the year!

The Dutch Cays are one of the most beautiful corners of the world and are usually very empty, since they are a little further away than the rest of the tours.

  • The pick-up at your hotel will be from 5am to 5:30am to go to the port.
  • On the outward journey we will make a stop at the supermarket to buy food.
  • We will arrive at the Cayos Holandeses at 10am. You will have plenty of time to explore this natural paradise until lunchtime, after which we will visit some smaller nearby islands.
  • Arrival at the hotel is planned 6.30pm to 7:00pm
  • Personal guide.
  • Ground and maritime transport from Panama City (pick-up from your Hotel in Panama City area).
  • Visit to the main island and two more neighboring islands.
  • Lunch at Isla Tortuga
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